From the mind of Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter comes Sisters of Sorrow, a violent, dramatic tale of revenge and recovery, the first issue of which goes on sale this week from BOOM! Studios. Sutter works alongside novelist Courtney Alameda here as the pair introduce us to a group of women living in The Haven House for Survivors of Domestic Violence in L.A. – women who find themselves adopting a somewhat ‘hands on’ approach to standing up against the injustices that they’ve been subjected to.

This first issue reads like an ‘origin story’ for the group as they find themselves fighting off the aggressive soon-to-be-ex-husband of one of the women at the shelter, killing him in the process. They’re still clearly a long way away from the Uzi-toting vigilante nuns of Jae Lee’s cover, but it’s easy to see that the events of this issue – the final pages in particular – are shoving them forcefully in that direction.

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