by Hannah Means Shannon

Kurt Sutter’s first original comic series, co-written by Caitlin Kittredge (Coffin Hill) and illustrated by Jesús Hervás (Penny Dreadful), appeared in 2016 from Boom! Studios in Lucas Stand. The 6 issue series followed the life and times of a military vet who, driven to edge when failing to integrate back into society post-tour, finds himself without much left to lose and makes a deal with a demon to stay out of hell. That deal means hunting down rogue demons as they flee through time. The result is a highly charged exploration of a conflict raging behind the scenes of normal life, but one that brings Lucas Stand a sense of purpose, something he had previously found in short supply.

Kurt Sutter: “I’ve been with this character for awhile. He started out in a TV script for Fox and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work in that medium. It worked with Boom! Studios. I didn’t know a whole lot about creating content for comics and graphic novels, so it’s been an education for me. I think it’s flourished well. I just dig him. I get to bring all the shit I continue to need to work out with my TV stuff, like my anti-heroes, and bring that tool kit to this project. And yet it’s a world that is supernatural, too. What I love about the idea of this character, is that he lives in a world, even in the “normal” world, where nothing is black and white. Everything is shades of grey.”

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